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Review: Remember to Recycle: Psychological Suspense

Remember to Recycle: Psychological Suspense Remember to Recycle: Psychological Suspense by Tantra Bensko
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Holy sh*t! I don't even know where to start. I'm still reeling from the ride and can't distinguish if I have been mind f*cked or had my mind blown. I would hazard a guess as both; first f*cked then blown.
First let me tell you this is part of a series. I did not know that. I was led to this book by BookTasters, (thank you), who were offering as a review consideration book. I prefer to go into those books with little to no information beside genres. So I read it as a standalone. I did suspect, after reading it a bit that I might have missed a book. I was, however, able to fully enjoy and follow this book on its own.
The genre I was given for this was suspense thriller with hashtags of political and conspiracy. I ride the fence on accepting these. I don't know about you but I am freaking tired of politics, lies, fake news along with general crying and whining from all parties as well as the public. But then psychological was thrown in the ring and I am huge on psychological thrillers. I am so happy that was tossed out there as I might have missed this gem.
So what is the book about? All those things and more that I am so freaking tired of! So how did I get sucked into not being able to stop reading? The author, (who I don't know anything really about), is a master at weaving current events, current theories, and fantasy into a magical mystery tour where the three are blurred so well you basically feel as though you lost your mind. Of course you must find it so you have to keep reading. Can you trust anything or anybody in it? I waffled on who could be trusted, who should be trusted, throughout the book only to be blown up at the end. I don't know; maybe I would have known who to trust if I had read the books in order. My personal feeling about this book...stop reading reviews. Go in with what you know and let the story unfold for you. Decide for yourself if you will read them in order or not. I will be reading the other parts to this but at this moment, I can't recommend which way to go on that. What I can tell you is to read this book even if you are tired of what is going on in this country. Maybe I should have used especially instead of even there.
Thank you to the author who provided an ebook for review consideration. The opinions expressed are my honest thoughts, (jumbled as my mind still is from reading this).

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