Monday, May 15, 2017

Review: A Spoonful Of Spice

A Spoonful Of Spice A Spoonful Of Spice by Liwen Y. Ho
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Romance is rarely my first choice in reading. It's not my last either. It is a genre that I need to be in the mood for unless something jumps out at me. I was in that stage of reading where I just finished a book I really enjoyed and had no idea what to read next. You know, when you aren't quite ready to leave the world you were in and you are convinced nothing is going to compare. I had gotten this book earlier today and I thought it's a short story. Maybe it will be enough to move me out of the last book. Well it did. The problem is that it was so good I am stuck in another book world! I have not read book one in this series so I have no idea exactly what it is about, (I'm guessing something with summer from the series title). This was a complete story. It was a cute story about a romance that begins in the totally unromantic world of IT. I know, hot guys can be found in the IT department. In my head though, there is some laughter going on about that. Most guys I know in IT are not exactly hot at first glance. Actually I don't even know if Josh is hot. He is smart though. I happen to like intelligence so I see him as a hot guy. I like Cin a lot. She is smart and funny. I was surprised by how well these characters were written because of this being a short story. Usually when I read a short story I don't get that invested with the characters. The plot was interesting and knowledgeable about the IT department without being boring. If you want to read something fun but are short on time, this book is a perfect choice. It leaves you feeling good.
This is a clean read with no sex, violence or language issues.

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Liwen Y. Ho said...

What a thoughtful and thorough review! :) You made my day! Thank you SO much for your kind words. I'm so happy you enjoyed Josh and Cin's story. And by the way, Josh is pretty hot for an IT guy (I know there are hot guys in IT because I married one, LOL)! ;)

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