Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Review: Intercepted by Love: Part 1

Intercepted by Love: Part 1 Intercepted by Love: Part 1 by Rachelle Ayala
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Wowza! Grab a cold drink and turn on a fan. Rachelle Ayala is bringing the heat!

When Cade's career turns Super Bowl disastrous, he hides out in a college town with his dog, Red. Use to having anonymous sex with many women, he isn't certain about relationships. Andie is the librarian, devoted to her parents and her dog, Gollie. She gets her romance from hot dreams of King David. Would a bad boys searing touch be able to compete with fantasies of a bad boy King? When their dogs meet and mate, Cade and Andie are tossed into each other's paths. Will they be able to move forward from their pasts to be mated, too? Only the dogs know.

This is a story that will bring tears to your eyes, giggles to your mouth and heat to other parts. Football Widows, cuddle up near your honey and those amazing snacks on a chilly, fall football afternoon . Forget the blanket. You won't need it. Warning: If you are listening to the audio version, it is sure to grab your honey's attention. Headphones may be necessary.

I was entertained by Chris Abell's performance. He contributed a lot to the fun of this audiobook with his voice. I really enjoyed the variety in pitch as well as his interpretation of character voices. I loved his enthusiasm.

This story contains sexual references and is intended for a mature audience.
It is a part of a series that does need to be read in order. This book ends with a major cliffhanger.

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Rachelle Ayala said...

Woohoo! thanks for listening. :)

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