Friday, June 28, 2019

Review: The Medium

The Medium The Medium by David Hatton
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was a truly interesting book for me. I saw it listed in a Goodreads Giveaway which I won. The synopsis intrigued me. I’m a believer who has a healthy amount of skepticism. I have gone to readers, though not psychic ones, and have been impressed by a couple. The rest either entertained me or tried to scam me. Psychics have been my dream. I would love to go to one but the ones I have come across aren’t the real deal, in my opinion. So this book hooked me even before I opened it. I wasn’t disappointed by the story. I think the author did a phenomenal job with the subject. Why only four stars since I clearly love the story? I had a hard time following the story at times. It’s not bad, (one thing for American readers, the book is set in England. The English used is not American so please keep in mind the words are not wrong, just different.), but the way the scenes changed was jarring for me. I would be totally engrossed and suddenly, with no warning, the scene shifted. It brought me out of the story every time. I wish the author had used a symbol or something to give a signal that a shift was happening. There was also a chapter that I had no idea who it was about. I still am not certain. This bothers me. I kept going though and am happy I did. I would encourage anyone finding these a bit difficult to continue reading. The story is an intriguing tale. It has so many things to think about and discuss. The psychic is only one part. Equally important is the story of betrayal between people who should care for one another. The murder mystery even pales in comparison with the story of betrayal at the this level. This book was a delightful surprise for me. I hope it will be for you too.

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David Hatton said...

Hi I'm so glad you enjoyed The Medium, just to let you know I now have a new book out called The Catfish by David Hatton available on Amazon :)

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