Saturday, January 25, 2020

Review: Witches' Cat

Witches' Cat Witches' Cat by Morgana Best
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I enjoy Morgana Best books. They are entertaining. Witches’ Cat is part of a series. I don’t have any problem reading them out of order as everything does wrap up. However some things do flow better if you have read the prior books.
In Witches’ Cat we are back with Valkyrie, (yes I know..Pepper. I just love Valkyrie.), and her aunts. I adore her aunts! In this book an unpleasant relative has died, bringing her just as unpleasant daughter and granddaughter home. Thoughts of an inheritance will often do that. Everyone thinks it was just her time but the aunts come across some interesting information and become convinced it was murder. The dead person was not a liked person and more than one person had a reason to wish her dead. There were plenty of suspects. I loved that and the twists, turns and discoveries that had me constantly changing my mind about who did it. It was a highly entertaining book, balanced well with the mystery and a good dose of humor. I recommend reading this book, as well as, the series.

*I was given a digital copy for review consideration. I voluntarily reviewed and all opinions are my honest feelings after reading it.*

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