Thursday, June 30, 2011

Look Me In The Eye

I really found this book to be so helpful in understanding my grandchild on the spectrum. I got a lot of information and developed some ideas for helping my grandson by reading the author's story. Do I expect my grandson to be a genius or to travel around the world with a rock band or to be a highly successful businessman? Yes and no. I expect him to follow his dreams. I expect him to live as normally as he can. This book provides me with some insight and hope for that. Not a diagnosis, an absolute nor a guarantee. Do not expect that.
The author's story is well written. It is humorous, painful, hopeful, sometimes confusing, insightful and honest. It may make you cry and probably will make you laugh. It does contain foul language, illegal activity and may offend your morals. But guess what? So does life. And that is what this book is, the story of the author's life.

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