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Meet Susan Case author of Kindergarten

Meet Susan Case author of 
Kindergarten: Tattle-Tales, Tools,Tactics, Triumphs and Tasty Treats for Teachers and Parents 

About the book from the author:

Remember the innocent but goofy things you did as a kindergartner? Reminisce about your early years as you learn how to help your precious child become ready for school and have a successful kindergarten year.

Are you a kindergarten teacher who needs proven ideas and solutions for your classroom? This book is for parents and teachers of preschoolers and kindergartners. It will make you laugh and give you hundreds of ideas to help with behavior, reading, special education, science experiments, holiday celebrations, and recipes for Fun Fridays and for success.

Chapter One: Teacher Tattle Tales
Chapter Two: Celebrate the Holidays--Celebrate Life
Chapter Three: A Smooth Move to School
Chapter Four: Reading--the Greatest Gift of All
Chapter Five: Science--Survival Specials
Chapter Six: Discipline--Combat Duty or Common Sense Tactics?
Chapter Seven: The Special Education Experience
Chapter Eight: Silly Sanity Lists
Chapter Nine: Recipes for Fun Fridays
Chapter Ten: It's a Wonderful World, After All

Hello Susan. It is nice to have you with us today.  I have a few questions for you as I will be reviewing your book Kindergarten in the coming weeks.

First, Where did the idea for this book come from?

I kept a journal of funny things my students did, or teachers told me, but it wasn't enough for a book. My husband kept encouraging me to write about what parents and teachers would like to know. I thought of things that I needed help with such as behavior management, teaching reading, and special education. Of course, I had to include my favorite recipes with at least one for each letter of the alphabet to coincide with Fun Fridays.

The Alphabet Recipes sounds like a fun idea. I cannot wait to see it. I am already thinking of ways to incorporate that at home with Junior. That is a fabulous idea! Speaking of, where do you get your ideas?

I just look around at the things people do. If it makes me laugh, or cry, or inspires me in some way, I write it down. I love to surf the Internet for information, jokes and news. We live in the country and the Internet gives me a way to research and connect with others.

It sounds like you take things from life. Which, to me, makes the book easy for both parents and teachers to enjoy. Who do you believe should read your book?

This book is written for teachers and parents of kindergartners and preschoolers. It can also help homeschoolers because there are many creative ideas as well as resources. I’ve been told it is excellent for grandparents and also for college students who are studying early childhood development or to earn a teaching certificate.

The book sounds like it is going to be both fun and informative. What was your favorite chapter to write?

My favorite writing was adding the personal stories that touched me or other teachers. I hope they touch others as well to know that we live in a fascinating wonderful world full of positive actions. Perhaps the most inspiring chapter is “Everyday Heroes.”

Everyday Heroes sounds very inspiring and heartwarming.Have you considered writing in other genres?

I have been working on a book for pre-teens. I keep a folder of funny things that happen and hope to incorporate our country living into the plot. We have chickens and guineas and are surrounded by neighbors’ cows and horses. 

 A book for  pre-teens sounds very interesting. What about you? Who are your favorite authors? Are there any books you would recommend to either adults or children?

I am an avid reader of mysteries. I love fast-paced who-done-its. My favorite authors are David Baldacci, Lee Child, Brad Thor, and Joan Hess. I would recommend Jackie King’s book The Inconvenient Corpse as a cozy mystery. My favorite children’s authors are Jamie Lee Curtis, Laura Numeroff, Jan Brett, David Shannon and Mem Fox. I highly recommend Mem Fox’s book Reading Magic for adults. She is a master teacher of reading.

You sound like a fascinating person with a lot of experience in teaching.  Can you tell us a little about yourself?

I am a late bloomer. I studied Psychology as an undergraduate and earned a M.S. in Family and Child Development. I had my daughter when I was forty. She was born prematurely and developmentally delayed. I returned to school to earn certification in Special Education so that I could help her through her educational process. I taught Sp. Ed for several years and earned certification in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. I taught Kindergarten for seven years and. retired early to homeschool Sarah during her last few years of school. She has a seizure disorder and needed more rest than attending public school allowed. She is MR and has autistic tendencies. My grandson was diagnosed as autistic but now PDD-ONS. So my interest in Special Education continues. Now I edit for my husband’s business, AWOC.COM Publishing, as well as write, blog and twitter.

Wow. You may consider yourself a late bloomer but you have had many experiences. Please tell us what you think  is the most important thing people should take with them after reading your book?

There is hope. If children know they love you, they can withstand your mistakes and encourage you to be a better person. Teaching and parenting is a grand adventure. Cherish children while you have the opportunity to help them grow into responsible, creative, happy people.

For those of of us who would like to keep up with you, could you please tell us the best ways to follow you.

Visit my blog I have many free educational links for children, jokes and parent/teacher tips.

You can also follow me on Twitter at:!/susancasetexas

Your website is a fun place to visit. I love checking in. I'm sure many of us will be stopping by. Thank you so much for stopping by to share with us your book, Kindergarten: Tattle-Tales, Tools, Tactics, Triumphs and Tasty Treats for Teachers and Parents

You may purchase her book at, (click on the link):
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Amazon Print and Kindle

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