Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Puzzling Piece

Hi Everyone! 

As you all may know I am raising my grandson who has autism. We are participating in the I Pad Challenge by http://www.thepuzzlingpiece.comThe Puzzling Piece was created to raise money to help children with Autism. If we can sell 60 items Junior will receive an IPad. 

The pieces for sale are:


If you would like to help please go to the website at http://www.thepuzzlingpiece.com/ and choose one of the above items. In the challengers name box please type Armando Rodriguez Jr. We really appreciate all your help.  This is an item we cannot afford but one that will help him immensely.

Here is a video made for The Puzzling Piece. Please watch and listen to the words of the song. 

Thank you all. We welcome your comments.


Anya Millar said...
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Anya Millar said...

Support link - http://housemillar.host56.com/the-puzzling-piece-support/

Hope this helps! :)

Frances said...

Thank you so much!!! This really helps!

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