Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloween Fun with Suzan Battah and Birthday Wishes!


DATING- Scary or Not?

Well, being new to blogging I hope I’m going to do a good job for your guys. I was born on the 30th of October, so I wonder - does that make me scary to men? I’m not all too familiar with Halloween being Australian but isn’t the 30th of October known as the Night of Death, or something? Or maybe men aren’t scared of me, it’s all just a conspiracy to annoy single ladies with bad dates by the government. I’m going with the government theory.

Being the obvious lover of romance novels and of course I most certainly adore men, no knocking here at all. I’ve just become super picky when it comes to going out on dates. Rules I prefer to adhere to from now on and hope all single ladies have some limitations:

·         The man must be well dressed, neat and tidy or at least be able to move in that direction without too much guidance.
·         Must have proper hygiene, no stinky men for me and if they wear a really nice cologne, I’m a sucker for good smelling men. mmmm, mmmm!
·         Must love loud and boistrous ethnic family and communicate with said loud and boistrous ethnic family - I’m happy to accommodate all types of family without prejudice as Jane Austen lovingly made clear with Elizabeth and Darcy.
·         Must not care that I love to write romance and won’t be able to stop writing romance and deal with it.
·         Oh and I really want to feel the WOW before I go on the date.

These are only basic rules, there is a whole heap of other rules I have but I won’t bore you with the list of what my ideal man could be. I’ve decided to come out of my dry spell of not dating and try dating again.

Hopefully this leads me onto the road of love. After all I’m very romantic, adore gorgeous passionate men and have been watching Farmer Wants a Wife too much.

Am I being too picky, are my standards too high?

Do I seriously need to tell a date to smell nice, hell no! He should know that already. Should I be seriously PO’d when a date steals my carpark and tells me about it later, hell yes! Should I laugh when I go meet someone online and go on a date to find out that he thinks I look a whole lot better in real life, I was definitely flattered, and it happened twice with two different dates, shame it didn’t work out. But I couldn’t go on in this life without knowing that I’m apparently more of a stunner in real life than in my pictures online.

So for this Halloween Year 2011, I Suzan Battah have decided to give dating another try. Good company, lots of romance, fun conversation and all of my guidelines aren’t being met? Hmmmm, it must be trick or treat. I’m after a treat... anyone else need one? Those last chocolates in the box too tempting to resist.

Happy Birthday Suzan! I wish you much love, happiness and success in the coming year!

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miki said...

happy birthday, may your dreams become trues

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