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Review of Snarky & Sweet by Susan Denney

Snarky and Sweet: A Romantic Comedy about Twins, Texas and a Big Red Diamond

Snarky & Sweet: A Romantic Comedy about Twins, Texas and a Big Red Diamond by Susan Denney
Published by Diva an imprint of AWOC.COM Publishing

Good Reads Synopsis:
Resistance is futile. 
Shy, demure, reserved Lurleen couldn’t possibly be more different than her gregarious, sassy, sarcastic twin, Lurlette. One is your kind stereotypical schoolteacher and the other is a man-eating adventuress. Whether they take you cruising in a Miata or busting out of a kidnapper's shack on a John Deere, you’re in for one riot of a ride. The novel moves you to compassion then spins you into comedic circles.

* I received this book from the author to review. I was not compensated for my review. All opinions are mine. *

My Turn:
This is a sweet romance that is suitable for all. I found this to be an interesting and fun book to read. The main characters, twins - identical in looks only, are well developed and likable. Well one starts out likable and the other kind of grows on you. They are easy to get to know and feel like friends. The sibling rivalry mixed in with family responsibility was well rounded and I thought rang true. 
The plot is about one sister who marries "well' and lives in California coming home to her twins home in small town Texas to file for divorce. Lurlette, though she grew up in this small town, does not really fit in. She comes home with 18 suitcases, a huge red diamond ring, drives a Ferrari and flirts shamelessly to climb the social ladder or to get her way - whichever is needed. Lurleen, known as Lee, is a high school French teacher who lives comfortably in a condo and drives a Miata. Even though she has no idea how Lurlette's things will fit in her condo and really isn't looking forward to her sister living with her, Lee welcomes her sister home. She helps her find a place to store her expensive things, buys her what she needs, and lets her borrow her Miata until the Ferrari arrives. She even confides her interest in a male teacher at the high school. Lurlette, intent on her divorce and finding the next Mr Money, decides she will help her sister with her romance and will also get a job subbing at the high school. When she is seen kissing the principal everyone thinks she is Lee. This is just the start of the Lee's headache.  As Lurlette's marriage is crumbling, Lee is getting to know her brother in law a bit more. And Lurlette seems to be getting a little too chummy with Lee's teacher friend. Will Lee get her teacher or will Lurlette steal him away? Things speed up when, due to newspaper articles about Lurlette's visit, Lee gets kidnapped. When the bumbling kidnappers realize their mistake they go back to kidnap Lurlette too. 
Ms. Denney writes with much humor. She brings you into the small town circle of friends. You   get to know everyone important to Lee. Chang, Lurlette's husband, is also brought in when he comes to Texas to rescue the women. Lee's impression of Chang is one of a busy, wealthy man who perhaps neglected his wife for business. It is totally based on her idea of what a wealthy man is like. I really liked that the author took the time to let us get to know Chang and see how wrong that idea was. 
This was a fun book to review and I am looking forward to more books by Susan. When I finished this book, at 2:30 in the morning, I actually gave an audible "awww!". If you are looking for a sweet, funny, clean, fast romantic read this is the book for you. It has no language or sex issues so it is great for the YA crowd or those who don't like their romance books spicy.


Susan Denney is offering this fun book to one lucky person this Christmas. You may leave a comment below or look for her guest post this afternoon and leave one on it, telling us your favorite holiday story. Please remember to leave your email so we can contact you if you win.

Be sure to look for Susan's guest post this afternoon! It has some awesome information on FREE audio books, including some awesome Christmas books! 

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Me said...

I have to say I love Charles Dickens "A Christmas Carol"....unlike his other works, its shorter and somewhat easier to read. If you've only ever seen the movies, you must read the book. I've found reading is more than just reading....its awakening the mind, spirit, and imagination that lies within yourself. Im looking forward to reading Snarky and Sweet! Im going to try to get my book club to read it soon!

Rachael said...

I love "A Christmas Carol" and "The Christmas Box." Great reads. I'm always looking for a good book to read. This book sounds great!

Heather said...

"The Gift Of The Magi" is the best - hands down - Christmas story evah!!

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