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Review of Spin The Plate by Donna Anastasi

Spin the Plate

Spin The Plate by Donna Anastasi
PaperbackSecond Edition - July 2011196 pages
Kindle Edition
Published by Black Rose Writing

"Spin the Plate" is the story of Jo, a woman who has come through a traumatic childhood, not battered and broken, but powerful and enraged. A tattoo artist by day, she roams the streets of Boston at night to forget her past and feed her two passions: rescuing mistreated creatures and inflicting bodily harm on their perpetrators. Unassuming and unafraid, Francis, a man harboring a secret of his own, is the one person Jo can't seem to scare off. Right from the start, he sees clearly the caring soul buried deep within Jo's hard exterior and puts into motion a succession of life-altering happenings.

Winner of 2011 Gold Medal in Women's Fiction, Living Now Book Awards
2011 International Book Award Finalist, Romance and Chick Lit Categories .

*Book was reviewed with no compensation. All opinions are mine.*

I can't say I enjoyed this book because it is disturbing. But I want to. I was engrossed with this book from the start of reading it. At first Jo is someone who you think you will hate. She is tough and angry. She does not present herself to the world in a likable manner. But then as the story goes along and you get to know her, you find that you care for her very much. I think the author did a remarkable job with developing this character and staying true to the complexities of child sexual abuse. The feelings and patterns in a survivor are never clear. When you mix in the abuser as a parental figure it gets muddier. Donna did an exceptional job leading us through the mud. I loved the way she wrote Francis. It is extremely difficult to form trusting relationships after a traumatic childhood. I appreciated the way the author took the time to slowly build their relationship. I think this is an excellent book for anyone who deals with child abuse issues.  Not in a way that the book can be used clinically. I do think it does bring up some of the issues that survivors deal with and perhaps helps to bring an understanding. It will give you something to discuss. I think this book is very well thought out and written. I do not recommend it to those under 18 unless they have an adult reading it with them. It does contain some intense scenes.  I do think this is an awesome book for reading clubs. 
I give this book 5 stars even with the scenes. Normally I do not want to read that. I have a hard time with this issue. However in the sense of this book I think the use was justified.  I believe the author achieved a difficult balance of presenting the abuse and the trauma without sensationalizing it. There is also a Christian theme in it. This is well written and just becomes part of the story without being overbearing. 

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