Friday, June 23, 2017

Color It Review

As a child, some of my favorite indoor pastimes were reading, jigsaw puzzles and coloring. As an adult I have also found them interesting and relaxing to do. Books, of course, come in all genres and for all ages. They grow with you, though I have noticed a tendency to return to my childhood favorites in times of need. Lose a job? Anne was waiting. File for divorce? Anne and her romance with Gilbert was waiting. If you thought you were going to end up an old maid, well, Marilla was happy, wasn't she? Fight with your best friend? Run to Anne and Diana. There was almost nothing that could befall me that Anne of Green Gables, Laura Ingalls, those Little Women or Jane Eyre didn't experience or have advice on. I still turn to them, and a host of others, to comfort me and lead me through the darkness. Jigsaw puzzles also had range. They went from extremely easy pictures of toys with giant pieces to beautiful scenery and 1000's of tiny pieces to complicated 3D adventures that could reduce me to tears. But coloring books, for the longest time, were for children. Not so any longer.

Coloring books for adults have exploded! Quite honestly, I have never stopped coloring. It is, pretty much, the only art I excel at. I'm not saying that I had children, (and welcomed grandchildren), just so I could legitimately purchase coloring books and crayons, but you won't hear me denying that either. So in the past few years I have closely watched the popularity of coloring books surge with a new entry: Adult Coloring Books. Wow! Were there others like me who have sat down to, "color with the children," only to point out all the flaws of a coveted coloring page to those children in hopes of turning their attention to a different page? Don't judge. I didn't fight over the page, (I was Mom so I win. Ha!). I had no idea that so many adults enjoy coloring. I think of all those adults at the store who smiled at me with my coloring books and said things like,

 "we have that one too," or "my children really enjoyed this one."

Were they secretly picking out the best pages for themselves? Going over arguments in their heads so the toddler would let Mommy have the page she wanted? Letting Daddy pick first? With the slew of coloring products now out there for adults, I can only guess the answer is yes. Now, as a result, I have my own coloring books with grown up designs. So are my grandchildren coming to see me or to dip into my coloring books? Hmm. Something to think about.

 A few weeks ago one of those Facebook sponsored posts came up on my feed. I do check out many of those as Facebook has realized they can hold me mesmerized with sponsored posts about books. This one, though, was about coloring pages. Color It was offering 20 free coloring pages delivered to your email. I was on that in a flash, though I did wonder about the quality. Then pages started to arrive and WOW! I loved them! So much so, that, I went to their website. There I found coloring books, coloring pencils and gel pens as well as a journal. Were these people listening in at my house? (No paranoia here. Just because every device has the listening capabilities of Siri, Alexa and Cortana. If they aren't listening until you say their name, how do they hear you say their name? Things that make you go hmm.) I had been talking for weeks about trying gel pens and wanting to do a book journal! Here they were and at a decent price. If I bought them both, I got free shipping. What? Free shipping, for anyone outside of Alaska, is a huge draw, (for me anyway. So many companies charge outrageously to ship to Alaska). The gel pens came in a beautiful kit with zippered case and gel refills. Oh all the coloring I could do! Not to mention how colorful I could make my book journal. So I ordered them and waited. The day came when I got the email with tracking information. Then I kept hearing Tom Petty sing, "The waiting is the hardest part." You know you just sang that. One of the tracking numbers didn't show any information which made me nervous. I contacted the company who were quickly responsive.

 Then came the postman with my journal! Yay!

Then came FedEx with my Gel Pens. Yes, they were shipped separately but they arrived the same day.


Here is my colored Journal cover: 

I love my gel pen kit and my journal! The products are well made and absolutely gorgeous! I'm already planning my next purchase. To keep up with specials, like free coloring pages, and contests be sure to follow them at the links below.

This is not a paid review. I did not get any special pricing or free items, (other than coloring pages sent to my email that are currently available to everyone - check availability on their social media). The review was not requested by the company. I just really love the products and had an awesome experience  with them. I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys coloring. The products I purchased would make great gifts. If you try them, let me know what you think. If you color, feel free to leave a comment telling me about your experiences with it. I'd love to hear about what you are coloring and the supplies you use. 

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