Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Review: Road Trip: A Haunted Women Tales Trilogy

Road Trip: A Haunted Women Tales Trilogy Road Trip: A Haunted Women Tales Trilogy by Becky Muth
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I love reading about haunts. I can remember listening to the tales of haunts when I was a child. Southeast Kentucky must be full of ghosts because I heard and still hear tales of haunts that are sworn to be true. I can remember riding in my aunts car with my cousins and going to see the haunted barn and the old haunted schoolhouse in the holler. They are among my most treasured memories. Road Trip takes me back to my roots. I enjoyed this book so much I was sad that it ended. I must have more. If you like stories of haunts that don't need blood and guts or "adult" language this is your book. The author does not rely on graphic violence, sex or shock language. She just tells the tales and lets the ghosts be the stars. My favorite story was Kentucky, of course. It is set in Pikeville, a town I use to visit as a child. When I go back now, I always go to Pikeville. I love how the author takes the haunt and gives us the old tale but adds in present day ties. Going back and forth between the two and watching them unfold together was so interesting. The ghosts of my youth and beyond still live today!

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