Friday, August 26, 2011

Survivor Chronicles by Brian Kittrell -Giveaway

The War of the Dead (a zombie apocalypse novel) (The Survivor Chronicles)

Andy looked around in desperation as the hallways flooded with other staff members running and screaming. Some were grabbed and taken down by the zombies coming out of the elevator. He decided that it was time to make his own escape. He ran to the door, swiped his card, and rushed out of the facility. Alyssa was in the driver's seat of a four door truck, and Dr. Nelson and Nurse Wilson sat in the back seat. Andy jumped in the passenger seat, and Alyssa drove out of the parking lot and down the narrow road leading away from the building. "What the hell happened back there?" Alyssa said. "Those two in the back ran over here and still haven't calmed down yet." "The virus. It's loose inside North Star," Andy said. 

Kittrell, Brian. The War of the Dead (a zombie apocalypse novel) (The Survivor Chronicles) (Kindle Locations 1745-1753). Late Nite Books.


Unknown said...

Is this the start of the zombie Apocalypse in Alaska????

Alisia said...

very interesting sounding. kinda reminds me of that one movie 28 days later or something

Krysykat said...

Not sure where I'm supposed to leave the comment for the giveaway, so here will do :)


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